About Red Deer Property Rentals

About Red Deer Property Rentals

Red Deer Property Rentals is an independent rental property company owned by True-Line Homes. All of our properties are built by True-Line. We specialize in “upscale” newer homes. We have a variety of homes such as Executive style Bungalows, beautiful single family homes, Townhomes & Duplex’s to affordable Legal Suites. All of our properties are maintained at a high industry standard.

an independent rental property company

Our rental managers are readily available to assist you in finding your perfect home and to address any of your concerns in a timely fashion. We have a scheduled maintenance program to keep ahead of any service or maintenance issues.

If there are any maintenance concerns we address them as quickly as possible. We take pride in our homes and want tenants that take the same pride in their homes. We believe when you rent a home from us, it is your home – we don’t intrude on your privacy.

Our premier units are always in high demand. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for today, we will do our best to accommodate your request for a home and call you as soon as a unit becomes available.

“We’ve been renting from Red Deer Property Rentals for some time .We have always been treated with respect. The staff are friendly and professional. They do regular seasonal maintenance and include there tenants in any changes. Pam is pleasant to talk with anytime I might have an issue or concerns. I would highly recommend renting from them anytime. We love our house and we love being part of the Red Deer Property Rentals family.”
Karen T.
“I previously rented with Red Deer Property Rentals and was very happy with their service. Pam, in particular, is phenomenal! So organized and responsive. All staff were pleasant and quick with communication. We had no trouble having any issues that came up resolved quickly.”
Curtis M.
“We love our home in Southbrook area…5 bedroom house w/heated garage and fully finished basement. It has everything we need and the the staff at Red Deer Property Rentals has been great since the first viewing. We’ve had a couple minor issues (toilet fill valve, ceiling fan…just minor) but Sarah has been totally on top of responding quickly and dispatching contractors. Would highly recommend seeking out one of their properties if you’re looking for a place.”
Mike M.

“We started renting with Red Deer Property Rentals 18 months ago. They have been great. The day of our viewing I put in an application, paid the deposit, and found out within a couple hours that we got the place. Our fridge stopped working and it was replaced promptly the next day! Highly recommended.”

Lindsay C.

“We’ve rented from this company for 7 years and we always tell others what a great rental company they are. They are always responsive to our needs when we report any property issues, they check in quarterly on seasonal maintenance and update tenants quickly on any changes/notifications, and they’ve been very friendly when we’ve corresponded with them. Great rental company!”

Tammy P.

Beautiful Properties

We have a variety of upscale rentals available for both individuals and commercial clients.

Dedicated Rental Managers

Our dedicated rental managers will work with you to find the best property for your needs.

Proactive Maintenance

All of our properties are maintained to the highest standards to ensure you can enjoy peace of mind.